*        Restore energy stability to Minnesota families by repealing the Next Generation Energy Act
of 2007 (the 25% by 2025 bill).  Energy bills are out of control and a big part of the problem is this
2007 action by the legislature that is completely reversible.

*        Support voter integrity by writing election upgrades based upon the outcome of the Voter ID
Amendment. Passage of the Photo Voter ID Amendment in November will begin legislative
enhancement of voter integrity.  I will be a strong voice for positive changes.

*        Support a long-overdue right to own and bear arms amendment to the Minnesota
Constitution. Minnesota is one of only 8 stated that do not have a gun rights amendment in our

*        Continue to simplify and untangle the regulatory environment for Minnesota job creators.
Agriculture, logging and mining have become major targets for overzealous regulatory agencies.

*        Hold the line on taxes and new state revenue streams while innovation, privatizing and
streamlining elements of state government. Corrected for both population growth and inflation, the
Minnesota government budget has increased 600% since 1960.

*        Implement the common sense spending and governing ideas born of rural family values. We
here in rural Minnesota do not spend money we don't have. We respect the success of others, we
believe in personal responsibility and we value the Minnesota and U.S. Constitution.
For Minnesota Senate District 2
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